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El Valle - the valley

The valley is an oasis in the midst of spectacular clay formations, with a stream surrounded by wilderness, fruit trees, a pleasant micro-climate, and many artistic buildings filled with the Spirit of life in harmony with nature. Our fertile valley feels like a home in the lap of Mother Nature, with the firmament of stars as a roof. Protected from the wind, the heat, and intrusions it is a place for a group of people to find comfort. Space where the connection between people and nature can happen easily. Embedded in this paradise, little artistic spaces are created, which provide intimacy to its residents and support individuality with their unique character. Everything in this valley is within proximity, and yet, the valley offers many hidden spots and places of different ambiance, which allows the group and each participant to freely oscillate between community and privacy.


Set in a clay hills landscape with usual erosive formations, the valley extends for the length of the stream with many corners and the odd gulley. The Finca (land) sits at a height between 710 and 800 meters above sea level and includes mountainous areas. There is a huge degree of biodiversity in the valley, a mixture of fruit trees with wild trees: oranges, almonds, olives, pomegranates, figs...
contrasting with a jungle of willow, cane, blackberries... and everywhere wild aromatic plants: rosemary, thyme, horsetail, mint...


The valley has its own micro-climate. Summers are comfortable with gentle temperatures thanks to the mountains, trees, and stream, providing luxury conditions in the lap of the valley while all the surrounding land is smothered by heat.
The nights are refreshing and you are always comfortable with a thin blanket. In the winter, some days are sunny with temperatures perfect for T-shirts and sunbathing. The nights are cold and damp with temperatures that might pass below 0 degrees between December and March. At times, there comes rain for several weeks, but it is rare for the sun not to come through at least once every day.


Water is our greatest treasure. A stream runs through the middle of the Finca (land). This feeds our taps for washing, irrigation systems, swimming pond, channels, and showers. An irrigation channel use to pass through the valley which provided water for the neighbor's lands. Our land reaches all the way to the Yator river.


Creating land-art learning from nature, integrating forms as organic as artistic. Creating human structures and putting them in the hands of mother earth, not maintaining artificial systems disguised as natural. It encourages the creation of biosystems where we live harmoniously like an enriching part.