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Membership options

For taking part in our laboratory it is requested to be member of the Asociation 'Valle de Sensaciones'.

Temporary membership offers an easy way getting to know the project and make your first experience. No membership fee is applied. You are welcome to simply sign up through our website. Once you are here you are requested to sign the membership form.

Yearly membership offers better conditions for the once who like to stay in touch and get an active part in our laboratory. The yearly membership fee is of 700 €. When taking part in the project for more than a month, this fee will be compensated by the savings and from than on your participation gets much cheaper. Simply select "Yearly membership" on signup.

  • Basic quote of 4 marbles per day. (Equivalent to 24 € instead of 36 to 60 € normally)
  • Event quotes are reduced by 33%
  • No event fee on happenings. Lunatic celebrations, Hot tub affair, etc. all for free.
  • No transfer of a deposit needed for reservation: Simply signup with no hussle