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Renting the Lab and integrating in Yator

Finding my essencial longing: Resonance

2020 - 2023

During the challenging times of the Covid pandemic, when the world seemed to be in a state of freeze and drama, we considered ourselves exceptionally fortunate to be residing within the tranquil enclave of Yator village. Our neighbors exuded trust and ease, fostering a non-judgmental atmosphere where individuals were free to decide whether to wear masks or not. Many maintained the beautiful gestures of body contact, maintaining the sense of connection.

In response to the situation, we decided to pause our public activities, avoiding to be the potential bridge of bringing infections from outside. Our project shifted primarily to our "Rent the Lab" offering, exclusively hosting self-sufficient groups. A significant and inspiring collaboration unfolded with the "Radical Faeries," particularly with their branch "Las Hadas del Sol." They brought a vibrant, colorful, and loving spirit to our valley, staying for periods of up to four months at a time.

Simultaneously, we deepened our appreciation for the communal spirit of Yator, opting to fully immerse ourselves in this historic community with roots tracing back to the Moors. The community's remarkable capacity and willingness to share resources, constructions, support, and friendship without judgment or drama profoundly inspired us. Recognizing the incredible resource for our endeavors that lay in being invited by the village of Yator to integrate ourselves into their community, together with everyone we bring.