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Wambui - Goddess Melanin

With a versatile career in Public Relations, Journalism, Aviation, Marketing, Project and Events Management, I bring over a decade of diverse experience. Beginning as a model, I transitioned into broadcast journalism, embracing roles in news writing and presentation as well as radio and music production. I later trained in the aviation field and after excelling as a cabin crew in South Africa, I founded a successful PR company in Kenya, securing a major 2019 marketing deal with a multinational real estate firm.

The pivotal year 2020, marked by the global pandemic, prompted self-reflection and a focus on meditation and spirituality, fostering inner peace. Despite challenges, I maintained a mindset of control, positivity, and growth.

This vision is further catalyzed by the fact that I found a wonderful and resonant soul as my life partner and look forward to making Yator my new home.

Born into a conservative African family, I defied societal expectations, relishing the "rebel" role to discover my true self, a woman of Eros. Embracing limitless possibilities and self-given freedom, I am committed to learning and growing in a supportive community. The universe is LIMITLESS, and so am I.

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