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Communal dedicated process during one Cycle of the Moon

cycle graficEach moon cycle in our laboratory is dedicated to a specific theme. It starts with a new moon, the perfect moment to invite new dynamics into our life. In an initial immersion right before new moon we give a deep introduction into our laboratory and form the crew, the core community for the coming cycle. During the new moon, a phase of reflection and of manifestation of the new, we dive deep into the subjects which brought us together and the common mission. During some cycles, the theme will be introduced and deepened through workshops. Towards full moon, the dynamic is usually rising in intensity and experiences might get more and juicier, culminating in the lunatic celebration. We end the cycle with finally reflecting on the experience and bridging spirits the new group during another immersion. We recommend joining for an entire cycle if you are interested in fully experiencing the laboratory and the community in its depth and to dive deep into the theme given to the cycle.


If you decide to take part in one or several moon cycles you have the option to step into our Crew, together with some members of our team and other participants. The Crew assumes the responsibility to hold the field and feel as host to people coming for shorter periods. As part of the Crew you will get many work exchange opportunities, which are part or all of your contribution, and also offer many learning experiences. In change we expect you to give preference to the needs of the community and the activities, offering your support when needed.

Siguientes Ciclos

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