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Hosting guests

Receiving friends or working with your clients

Within our core coliving community, all members are encouraged to extend hospitality by hosting guests in Valle de Sensaciones. However, the Resonance Hub remains exclusive to our core community to ensure a protected and focused atmosphere conducive to work and communal processes.

Each guest must be hosted by a dedicated member of our core community, responsible for addressing all needs and facilitating a seamless integration from arrival to departure. Hosts have the option to charge an additional fee for their services, making hosting not only an opportunity for welcoming friends, family, or loved ones but also an attractive option for facilitators, coaches, or teachers to utilize Valle de Sensaciones for their work with clients.

Guests are required to fully embrace our agreement field, adhere to community rules, and participate in sharing circles. Depending on the guest's previous experience and their host's familiarity, there may be specific arrival days to ensure a thorough introduction and integration into our community dynamics.