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Food supply

Nutring ourselfs as a community

Basic food is available in all our community kitchens, and can be freely used for the preparation of individual and communal meals.

The basic food supply is included in the contribution, It gives preference to the products from our own organic garden and products of our neighbors, containing:

  • All vegetarian food that is local or typically eaten in local culture
  • Extraordinary or exotic food, in case it is typically sold and in comparable price level
  • Some non-vegetarian options which are speccially tipical for local culture.
  • Drinking water and hot drinks

In the Resonance Hub, we also provide the following products to be paid for individually:

  • Alcoholic or soft drinks
  • Prefabricated juices
  • Chocolate, sweets and snacks

Some more exclusive food is supplied on demand but might requiere an extra contribution by the ones ordering it.

  • What is not typically eaten in local culture and significantly higher in price
  • Attenting individual diets and food intolerances: for example gluten-free
  • Industrially prefabricated food

The ussual food stock and regular shopping includes....

  • Kitchen basics like oil, vinegar, spices, etc.
  • Local products like honey, olive oil, olives, dried figs, almonds
  • Local white bread
  • Cereals and flour like wheat, ray, buckwheat, oats
  • Dry cooking basics like rice, pasta, quinoa, mijo, beans, lentals
  • Fresh local and seasonable vedges and fruits.
  • Hot drinks like coffee, tea, herb teas
  • Vedgetable and cow milk
  • Butter, yoghurt, Spanish cheese
  • Jamon serrano, Chorizo
  • Seeds like linseed, sesam, chia
  • Standard conserves like tomatoes
While in Valle de Sensaciones, meals are prepared collectively, organized by our community mandala. We ensure that during weekdays, one warm meal is provided for the Coliving community. Additionally, already prepared meals are stored in the freezer, ready to be individually warmed up. Food is delivered to the Resonance Hub where everyone can access the stock for use in any of our kitchens. Once a week, everyone can add their wishes to the shopping list. Drinks are also available and right in front of the Resonance Hub we have the local bar where cheap drinks with nice tapas and meals are being served.